Notary Services


The Embassy may certify the powers of attorney and declarations but not minutes/protocols, etc.  because of the restricted notarial competence of the consular service.

The documents should be prepared bilingual in both Bulgarian and English languages in case the signatories do not know Bulgarian language.

The power of attorney if concering real estate properties is printed in double copies – one for you, one for the archive.

You will need to bring valid passport, the fees are paid by card only.

Authentication of dates, content and signatures on private documents

Article 84 of the Notaries and Notarial Activity Act empowers all Bulgarian diplomatic and consular representations abroad to authenticate the dates, content and signatures on private documents that are not subject to entry in a register. The Consular Section does not have the power to issue notary deeds or verify other private documents that are subject to entry in a register (e.g. statements of claim or contracts for motor vehicle transfer).

As per the Notaries and Notarial Activity Act, the Consular Section verifies the date, content and signatures on private documents, only if they are written in Bulgarian language.

The Consular Section verifies the signatures of the foreign nationals only if the document is intended to have effect in the Republic of Bulgaria.

 Verifying copies of original documents

The Consular Section verifies the authenticity of copies, transcripts and excerpts from documents submitted by Bulgarian citizens. The documents submitted for verification must have been issued by a Bulgarian agency. To have their copies, etc. verified, the applicants should submit them together with the original documents.

Verification of translators’ signatures

The Bulgarian Embassy does not provide translation services to the public. It can only verify the signatures of certified freelance translators who have been approved and authorized by the Embassy. Their names and contact details are obtainable from the Consular Section as well as from the Embassy’s website. Signatures of translators other than those registered with the Consular Section cannot be verified.

Issuance fees for authentication of signatures and stamps

Notary authentication
Type of service  5 working days up to 8 hours up to 4 hours
Authentication of  signatures on private documents /

Authentication of a translator’s signature

 £ 14.00  £ 20.00  £ 27.00
Authentication of signatures and stamps on documents and other papers issued by Bulgarian establishments
for first page  £ 9.00  £ 14.00  £ 18.00
for each following page  £ 5.00  £ 8.00  £ 10.00
Authentication of the content of private documents which are  not subject to entry in a register
for first page  £ 26.00  £ 46.00  £ 53.00
for each following page  £ 14.00  £ 20.00  £ 27.00
For notary will  £  178.00


Consular Section charges a £1 administrative fee for every 1-10 photocopies of documents.

Legalisation of British Documents for Official Use in Bulgaria

The Hague Convention, abolishing the requirement for Legalisation of Foreign Public Documents (“Hague Legalization Convention”) has been in force in Bulgaria since 2001.

If you need to use official British documents in Bulgaria, be it for business purposes (registration of companies, trademarks, and patents) or personal and family reasons such as getting married in Bulgaria, they have to be legalized at the Legalization Office of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London.

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